7 most popular south indian comedians

Pratidin Bureau

1. Brahmanandam (Telugu)

A veteran Telugu actor, Brahmanandam is known for his incredible versatility and comedic timing. He holds the record for most number of State Nandi Awards for Best Male Comedian.

Brahmanandam | Image: Google

2. Vadivelu (Tamil)

A household name in Tamil Nadu, Vadivelu's slapstick comedy and distinctive expressions have earned him a dedicated fanbase.

Vadivelu | Image: Google

3. Yogi Babu (Tamil)

Emerging as a prominent comedian in recent years, Yogi Babu's quirky humor and scene-stealing performances have made him a popular choice for contemporary Tamil films.

Yogi Babu | Image: Google

4. Jagathy Sreekumar (Malayalam)

A well-respected actor in Malayalam cinema, Jagathy Sreekumar is known for his portrayal of both comedic and dramatic roles.

Jagathy Sreekumar | Image: Google

5. Santhanam (Tamil)

With a career spanning over two decades, Santhanam is known for his witty dialogues and satirical humor, often with social commentary.

Santhanam | Image: Google

6. Ali (Telugu)

A versatile actor who has appeared in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films, Ali is known for his comic timing and ability to improvise.

Ali | Image: Google

7. Soori (Tamil)

Soori's rise to fame came through his supporting roles in Tamil films. He's known for his slapstick humor and portrayal of comical characters.

Soori | Image: Google