7 unexpected hit bollywood films of 2023

Pratidin Bureau

1. The Kerala Story (Social Drama)

This film, despite limited marketing, resonated with audiences for its realistic portrayal of social and political issues in Kerala. The strong performances and thought-provoking story propelled it to unexpected success.

The Kerala Story | Image: Google

2. Gadar 2 (Action Sequel)

A sequel released almost two decades after the original, Gadar 2 capitalized on nostalgia. Sunny Deol's return, coupled with high-octane action sequences and a story set years later, surprised audiences with its box office performance.

Gadar 2 | Image: Google

3. OMG 2 (Courtroom Drama)

This sequel to the satirical hit OMG! challenged religious practices with its signature blend of humor and social commentary. Akshay Kumar's return and the film's relevance in today's society contributed to its unexpected success.

OMG 2 | Image: Google

4. Dream Girl 2 (Comedy)

The sequel to the rom-com Dream Girl brought back Ayushmann Khurrana's cross-dressing character. Despite skepticism about sequels, the film's humor and Khurrana's performance surprised audiences with its strong showing.

Dream Girl 2 | Image: Google

5. Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery (Streaming Comedy)

This low-budget comedy-mystery featuring Sanya Malhotra offered a quirky blend of humor and social commentary. Released on a streaming platform, it found unexpected success with its originality and lighthearted approach.

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery | Image: Google

6. Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai (Streaming Drama)

This social drama with a strong message about the struggles of a common man resonated with viewers despite a limited theatrical release. Finding success on OTT platforms, it became a sleeper hit with its relatable story.

Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai | Image: Google

7. 12th Fail (Documentary)

This heartwarming documentary following a man who attempts the 12th-grade exams at an older age struck a chord with viewers. Its celebration of second chances and the power of education made it a sleeper hit despite minimal marketing.

12th Fail | Image: Google