Alexandra Daddario and her 7 iconic characters

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1. Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson Series

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, known for her intelligence, combat skills, and loyalty to her friends.

Percy Jackson Series | Image: Google

2. Heather Miller in Texas Chainsaw 3D

In this horror sequel, Heather inherits a mansion in Texas, only to discover her connection to the infamous Leatherface.

Texas Chainsaw 3D | Image: Google

3. Blake Gaines in San Andreas

A disaster film where Daddario's character, Blake, must navigate through the chaos of a massive earthquake to reunite with her family.

San Andreas | Image: Google

4. Summer Quinn in Baywatch

Daddario plays a lifeguard in this action-comedy, working alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron to uncover a criminal plot.

Baywatch | Image: Google

5. Katie Jeffries in The Layover

A comedy film where Daddario's character, Kate, competes with her best friend during a layover to win the affection of a fellow passenger.

The Layover | Image: Google

6. Avery Martin in When We First Met

A romantic comedy where Daddario's character is at the center of a time-traveling love story, as a man tries to win her heart by altering past events.

When We First Met | Image: Google

7. Emma Corrigan in Can You Keep a Secret?

A romantic comedy where Daddario's character, Emma, inadvertently reveals her secrets to a stranger on a plane, who turns out to be her company's CEO.

Can You Keep a Secret? | Image: Google