Animals that eat dead animals

Pratidin Bureau

1. Vulture

These birds primarily feed on the carcasses of dead animals.

Vulture | Image: Google

2. Hyena

They are known for scavenging and can consume almost the entire carcass, including bones.

Hyena | Image: Google

3. Jackal

These small carnivores scavenge for food, especially in African savannas.

Jackal | Image: Google

4. Coyote

They are opportunistic feeders and will scavenge for food when available.

Coyote | Image: Google

5. Raccoon

These omnivores will scavenge for food, including dead animals.

Raccoon | Image: Google

6. Crow

These intelligent birds will scavenge for a variety of food sources, including dead animals.

Crow | Image: Google

7. Scavenger beetle

Various beetle species help break down dead animals by consuming them.

Scavenger beetle | Image: Google

8. Crab

Some species of crabs scavenge on dead fish and other marine animals.

Crab | Image: Google

9. Opossum

These nocturnal animals are opportunistic feeders and will scavenge for food.

Opossum | Image: Google

10. Shark

Some species of sharks are known to scavenge on dead animals, including whale carcasses.

Shark | Image: Google