Top 7 cities with the most traffic congestion- Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi Among the List

Pratidin Bureau


The financial capital of India is infamous for its traffic jams. The city's narrow roads and densely populated areas make it difficult for vehicles to move around, leading to long traffic snarls.


The capital city of India is also notorious for its traffic congestion. The city's roads are often choked with vehicles, especially during rush hour.


The IT hub of India has also been facing severe traffic issues due to its rapidly growing population and inadequate infrastructure.


The southern city of Chennai is also known for its traffic problems, with traffic jams being a common sight during peak hours.


The cultural capital of India, Kolkata, is known for its narrow roads and congested streets, leading to heavy traffic jams.


The rapidly growing city of Hyderabad is also facing severe traffic congestion due to its expanding population and increasing number of vehicles.


The city of Pune has seen a significant increase in traffic over the years, leading to frequent traffic jams during peak hours.