Harry Potter Series: Revisiting Hogwarts | PART 2

Pratidin Time

Potterheads rejoice! HBO Max has announced a new TV adaptation of the Harry Potter novels with a new cast. It is described as a “faithful adaptation” of the best-selling novels and is said to be a decade-long series. Before jumping into speculations and fan theories for the upcoming series, lets a take trip down memory-lane and revisit some of the most influential characters that have shaped the world of wizardry!

Ron Weasley

Ron’s loyalty towards his friends is heartwarming and plays an important role in the franchise, apart from being a comic relief. He has shown bravery despite his insecurities by putting himself in harm’s way multiple times to save his friends. He is the symbol of the everyday hero and represents the ordinary and relatable character aspect in the wizarding world. Also cunning at times, Ron proved to be resourceful character as the story progressed.

Hermoine Granger

One of the most smartest characters in the franchise, Hermoine Granger has helped Harry and Ron solve problems, find answers, and saved themselves from trouble many a times. She is also extremely compassionate and has also proven multiple times that she is a natural leader. Hermoine is a key member of the trio and plays a pivotal part in the build up to the final battle.

Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore was a powerful wizard whose mastery was a source of inspiration for many. He was never scared of taking the right steps…sacrifice, if need be. He was the Headmaster of Hogwarts School and was known for his intelligence and wisdom. For Harry, Dumbledore was a mentor, protector, and a father figure who guided him to defeat Voldemort.

Severus Snape

Throughout the franchise, Snape remained a mysterious character and a constant source of intrigue for fans, making him the most memorable character of all. He was a major part in the story as he protected Harry, taught him Occlumency, and ultimately sacrificed his life to protect Lily’s son. His love and loyalty to Harry’s mother was a major influence to the story as a whole.

Draco Malfoy

Malfoy started out as a typical antagonist whose main objective was to make the protagonist’s life more difficult. But as the story progressed, more information about his life came out and it quickly became obvious that there was more than meets the eye. Malfoy later rebelled against Voldemort, refused to kill Dumbledore and also reconciled with Harry. Not a bad guy afterall!

Ginny Weasley

Although she didn’t have much screen time, Ginny has undergone a serious transformation as the story progressed. Initially, she was a timid child, trusting, sweet, but can be easily manipulated – that allowed Voldemort to open the Chamber of Secrets, thanks to Ginny. She became fierce and strong as she grew up, and also married Harry in the end.

Harry Potter

The boy wizard. Harry is a sympathetic figure; a kid plucked from unfortunate circumstances and thrust into a magical reality. He was prophesied to be the “Chosen One” as his bravery, loyalty, and selflessness inspired the wizarding world. He had to overcome several obstacles including defeating Voldemort before finding peace with his wife Ginny and three children. Harry’s character demonstrated the importance of friendship, family, love, and bonds, which helped him throughout his journey – our journey.