Here are the top 10 spy series to binge on Netflix

Pratidin Time

1.The Night Agent (2023)

This pulse-pounding thrill ride follows a former CIA agent who is forced back into action when his former boss is murdered.

The Night Agent (2023) | Source Google

2.Treason (2022)

 This British mini-series stars Daredevil’s Charlie Cox, who plays an MI6 agent framed for treason.

.Treason (2022) | Source Google

3.The Spy (2019)

Based on the true story of Eli Cohen, this series follows a Mossad agent who infiltrates the Syrian government in the 1960s.

The Spy (2019) | Source Google

4.Fauda (2015)

This Israeli series tells the story of a special forces unit that infiltrates Palestinian territories

Fauda (2015) | Source Google

5.Bard of Blood (2019)

This Indian series stars Emraan Hashmi as a former spy who is pulled back into action to rescue a kidnapped Indian spy.

Bard of Blood (2019) | Source Google

6.The Recruit (2022)

This series follows a young CIA lawyer who gets in way over his head when he is recruited by the agency.

The Recruit (2022) | Source Google

7.The Night Manager (2016)

This BBC series stars Tom Hiddleston as a hotel employee who is recruited by MI6 to infiltrate an arms dealer’s organization.

The Night Manager (2016) | Source Google

8.Pine Gap (2018)

This Australian series tells the story of a joint intelligence operation between Australia and the United States.

Pine Gap (2018) | Source Google

9.In From the Cold (2022)

This series follows a Russian assassin who is forced to confront her past when she is awakened in a new identity.

In From the Cold (2022) | Source Google

10.Caliphate (2020)

This Swedish series follows a police officer who infiltrates a terrorist organization. So, there you have it - the top 10 spy series to binge on Netflix. Happy streaming!

Caliphate (2020) | Source Google