Kay Kay Menon as a villain ranked

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1. DCP Rakesh Maria in Black Friday (2004)

Badshah Khan in "Black Friday" is a different kind of villain. He's shrouded in secrecy, and his motives remain unclear. Menon's performance is layered, leaving the audience questioning his character's true nature.

Black Friday | Image: Google

2. Vishnu Nagre in Sarkar (2005)

Vishnu Nagre in "Sarkar" is a menacing antagonist who clashes with Amitabh Bachchan's character. Menon's portrayal is filled with ambition and a ruthless desire for power.

Sarkar | Image: Google

3. S.I. Sanjay Shelar in The Stoneman Murders (2009)

Playing a cold-hearted antagonist in this thriller, Menon’s performance is gripping and memorable. His ability to portray a chilling villain with depth and complexity is on full display.

The Stoneman Murders | Image: Google

4. Dukey Bana in Gulaal (2009)

Menon plays a manipulative and power-driven character in this political drama, set against a backdrop of student politics in Rajasthan. His portrayal is both menacing and charismatic, making Dukey Bana one of his most iconic roles.

Gulaal | Image: Google

5. Khurram Mir in Haider (2014)

In this modern adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," Menon’s portrayal of a deceptive and power-hungry uncle is chilling. His nuanced performance earned him widespread recognition and several awards.

Haider | Image: Google

6. Bilal Khan in Baby (2015)

Menon plays a ruthless terrorist mastermind in this espionage thriller, opposite Akshay Kumar. His intense and calculating portrayal added a significant edge to the film’s narrative.

Baby | Image: Google