Longest Living Animals in the World with years

Pratidin Bureau

1. Ocean Quahog

507+ years (oldest confirmed individual) This ancient clam boasts the longest verified lifespan of any animal. Scientists study their shells to learn about past ocean temperatures and climates.

Ocean Quahog | Image: Google

2. Greenland Shark

272+ years Living in the frigid Arctic waters, these slow-moving giants have the longest lifespan of any vertebrate. Carbon dating of their eyes suggests possible lifespans of 400+ years.

Greenland Shark | Image: Google

3. Red Sea Urchin

200+ years These spiky denizens of the Pacific coast display negligible aging, with some individuals potentially thriving for centuries. Slow growth and low metabolism contribute to their longevity.

Red Sea Urchin | Image: Google

4. Rougheye Rockfish

200+ years Found in the icy depths of the North Pacific, these bottom-dwelling fish can live for centuries thanks to their cold-adapted biology and low predation.

Rougheye Rockfish | Image: Google

5. Bowhead Whale

200+ years These majestic cetaceans roam the Arctic and northern Atlantic, accumulating thick layers of blubber that insulate them and may contribute to their extended lifespans.

Bowhead Whale | Image: Google

6. Giant Tortoise

190+ years With their slow metabolisms and hardy shells, these gentle giants of the Galapagos Islands can outlive several generations of humans. Adwaita, an Aldabra giant tortoise, lived for an estimated 255 years.

Giant Tortoise | Image: Google

7. Freshwater Pearl Mussel

250+ years These slow-growing bivalves found in freshwater rivers can live for centuries, filtering water and producing pearls. They serve as indicators of environmental health.

Freshwater Pearl Mussel | Image: Google

8. Black Coral

4,000+ years Found in deep ocean trenches, these slow-growing corals build skeletons that can record thousands of years of environmental changes. They are invaluable for studying past climates and ocean conditions.

Black Coral | Image: Google

9. Glass Sponge

10,000+ years These delicate-looking creatures from the deep sea thrive in extreme environments and can potentially live for millennia. Research suggests they may regenerate indefinitely, contributing to their remarkable longevity.

Glass Sponge | Image: Google

10. Turritopsis dohrnii

Potentially immortal This tiny jellyfish has the unique ability to revert to its polyp stage under stress, essentially resetting its life cycle. While technically not immortal, their ability to reverse aging makes them a fascinating biological anomaly.

Turritopsis dohrnii | Image: Google