New Telugu and Tamil Movies on Aha [November 2023]

Pratidin Time


Tamilkkudimagan is a story about a young man who returns to his village to claim his ancestral land.

Tamilkkudimagan | Source Google

2.Are you ok Baby?

Are you ok Baby? is a thriller about a young couple who are stalked by a mysterious stranger.

Are you ok Baby? | Source Google

3.Operation Alamelamma

Operation Alamelamma is a comedy about a group of women who decide to take on a local gangster.

Operation Alamelamma

4. Matti Katha

Matti Katha is a drama about a young man who is forced to confront his past when he returns to his village after many years.

Matti Katha | Source Google

5. Month of Madhu

Month of Madhu is a romantic comedy about a couple who are forced to spend a month together as part of a reality show.

Month of Madhu | Source Google