Top 10 Animals that hunt lions

Pratidin Bureau

1. Spotted hyenas

These highly social scavengers often steal prey from lions and have been known to confront and kill them, especially when outnumbered.

Spotted hyenas | Image: Google

2. Elephants

These massive herbivores can easily trample or gore lions with their tusks if they feel threatened or protecting their young.

Elephants | Image: Google

3. Cape buffalo

Though lions often prey on cape buffalo, these powerful herbivores can turn the tables if they're injured or cornered, using their sharp horns and immense size to defend themselves.

Cape buffalo | Image: Google

4. Nile crocodiles

Lions sometimes venture near water bodies, putting them at risk of being ambushed and dragged underwater by these powerful reptiles.

Nile crocodiles | Image: Google

5. Hippopotamus

Similar to crocodiles, hippos are highly territorial and aggressive near water, and they can easily overpower and injure lions with their massive size and sharp teeth.

Hippopotamus | Image: Google

6. Giraffes

Though their primary defense is size and powerful kicks, giraffes have been documented using their necks and hooves to ward off and even injure lions in rare instances.

Giraffes | Image: Google

7. Honey badgers

These fearless mustelids are known for their tenacity and resistance to pain, and they can inflict serious injuries on lions with their sharp claws and teeth, especially when defending their dens.

Honey badgers | Image: Google

8. Komodo dragons

While not native to Africa, these large lizards are apex predators on their islands and have been known to scavenge or even hunt and kill smaller lions if the opportunity arises.

Komodo dragons | Image: Google

9. Black-backed jackals

Though smaller than lions, these cunning scavengers can harass and sometimes even mob and kill injured or weak lions, especially in opportunistic situations.

Black-backed jackals | Image: Google

10. Humans

Unfortunately, humans pose the greatest threat to lion populations through habitat loss, hunting, and conflict. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures.

Humans | Image: Google