Top 10 Best Movies of Amy Adams

Pratidin Bureau

1. Arrival

Adams stars as a linguist who is recruited by the military to help communicate with aliens who have landed on Earth

Arrival | Image: Google

2. Her

Adams plays a woman who falls in love with an artificial intelligence operating system.

Her | Image: Google

3. American Hustle

Adams stars as a con artist who works with a group of other scammers to pull off a series of heists.

American Hustle | Image: Google

4. The Fighter

Adams plays the girlfriend of a professional boxer who is struggling with addiction.

The Fighter | Image: Google

5. Junebug

Adams stars as a young woman who moves to a small town and becomes involved with the lives of its inhabitants.

Junebug | Image: Google

6. The Muppets

Adams stars as a teacher who helps a group of Muppets put on a show to save their theater.

The Muppets | Image: Google

7. Enchanted

Adams stars as a princess from an animated Disney movie who is transported to the real world.

Enchanted | Image: Google

8. Catch Me If You Can

Adams plays a nurse who is one of the few people to catch the attention of Frank Abagnale Jr.

Catch Me If You Can | Image: Google

9. Doubt

Adams stars as a nun who suspects a priest of child abuse.

Doubt | Image: Google

10. Charlie Wilson's War

Adams plays a woman who helps a Texas congressman secretly fund the mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War.

Charlie Wilson's War | Image: Google