Top 10 best Street food destinations in India

Pratidin Bureau

1. Delhi

The national capital is a haven for street food lovers, boasting iconic dishes like chaat (tangy and spicy snacks), gol gappe (fried dough balls filled with flavored water), and parathas (stuffed flatbreads).

Delhi | Image: Google

2. Mumbai

This fast-paced city is known for its vada pav (potato fritter in a bun), misal pav (spicy sprouted lentil curry with bun), and pav bhaji (vegetable curry with buttered bread).

Mumbai | Image: Google

3. Kolkata

The "City of Joy" offers a Bengali twist on street food, with delights like phuchka (fried dumplings filled with potato and spices), jhalmuri (puffed rice chaat), and kathi rolls (stuffed parathas rolled into kebabs).

Kolkata | Image: Google

4. Jaipur

The Pink City serves up royal flavors on the streets, with kachoris (deep-fried pastries filled with lentils), mirchi bada (battered and fried chilies), and lassi (a refreshing yogurt drink).

Jaipur | Image: Google

5. Hyderabad

This Hyderabadi gem is famous for its biryani (fragrant rice dish with meat or vegetables), lucknowi kebabs (melt-in-your-mouth grilled meat), and haleem (a slow-cooked stew).

Hyderabad | Image: Google

6. Chennai

South Indian flavors shine in Chennai, with must-try dishes like dosa (thin fermented rice and lentil crepe), vada (savory lentil fritter), and filter coffee (strong and aromatic coffee).

Chennai | Image: Google

7. Goa

This coastal state offers a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian influences, with delicacies like chorizo pav (sausage in a bun), fish curry rice, and bebinca (layered coconut cake).

Goa | Image: Google

8. Varanasi

Experience the spiritual side of street food in Varanasi, with offerings like malaiyo: (creamy milk pudding), kachori sabzi (fried pastry with vegetable curry), and lassi.

Varanasi | Image: Google

9. Ahmedabad

Gujarathi street food is known for its sweet and savory treats, including dhokla (steamed rice cakes), fafda jalebi (savory crackers with sweet jalebi), and thandai (cold almond milk drink).

Ahmedabad | Image: Google

10. Lucknow

Awadhi cuisine takes center stage in Lucknow, with galouti kebabs (melt-in-your-mouth minced meat kebabs), chaat (tangy and spicy snacks), and kulfi (frozen milk dessert).

Lucknow | Image: Google