Top 10 iconic Roles of Johnny Lever

Pratidin Bureau

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Johnny Lever role name was Col. Almeida in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai who was a supporter of Britishers.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai | Image: Google

2. Koi Mil Gaya

Johnny Lever acted as a funny element in the film playing the role of Sukhwani

Koi Mil Gaya | Image: Google

3. All the Best

Fun Begins Johnny Lever played the role of Tobu who is a Don.

All the Best | Image: Google

4. Baadshah

Johnny Lever portrayed the character Raam Laal assistant of Baadshah

Baadshah | Image: Google

5. Raja Hindustani

Johnny Lever acted as Balwant Singh, a friend of Aamir Khan.

Raja Hindustani | Image: Google

6. Ishq

In this film Johnny Lever played brother in law of Ranjit Rai.

Ishq | Image: Google

7. Golmaal 3

In Golmaal 3 Johnny played the role of a thief named Puppy Bhai who has a habit of forgetting things.

Golmaal 3 | Image: Google

8. Housefull 2

Johnny lever had a significant amount of contribution in the movie.His name in the film was Mithai Patil, J.D (Mithun Chakravorty) servant.

Housefull 2 | Image: Google

9. Joru Ka Gulam

Johnny Lever character name was Kanhaiya.

Joru Ka Gulam | Image: Google

10. Khiladi

Johnny lever appeared in a few scenes of the Khiladi. Few scenes were enough to provide medicine of laughter to the audience.

Khiladi | Image: Google