Top 10 most acclaimed paintings of India

Pratidin Bureau

1. Raja Ravi Varma - Shakuntala

This 1899 oil painting depicts a scene from the Sanskrit play "Abhigyana Shakuntalam," showcasing Varma's mastery of realism and his portrayal of Indian mythological characters.

Raja Ravi Varma - Shakuntala | Image: Google

2. Abanindranath Tagore - Bharat Mata

This 1905 oil painting personifies India as a mother goddess, representing the nation's unity and motherhood. It became a powerful symbol during the Indian independence movement.

Abanindranath Tagore - Bharat Mata | Image: Google

3. Amrita Sher-Gil - Mother India

Painted in 1934, this oil painting portrays a gaunt and dignified woman, symbolizing the struggles and resilience of India's masses. Sher-Gil's bold style and social commentary set her apart.

Amrita Sher-Gil - Mother India | Image: Google

4. Tyeb Mehta - Untitled (Falling Figure)

This 1950 abstract expressionist painting is a powerful response to the Partition of India, depicting a falling figure amidst swirling colors and textures.

Tyeb Mehta - Untitled (Falling Figure) | Image: Google

5. Nandalal Bose - Bapuji

This 1930 linocut print depicts Mahatma Gandhi in a simple and dignified manner, capturing his essence as the leader of the Indian independence movement.

Nandalal Bose - Bapuji | Image: Google

6. Rabindranath Tagore - Dancing Women

This 1910 ink wash painting showcases Rabindranath Tagore's unique style, characterized by flowing lines and expressive figures. The painting celebrates the joy and freedom of dance.

Rabindranath Tagore - Dancing Women | Image: Google

7. M.F. Husain - Horses

This 1950s series of abstract paintings depicts horses in various forms, using bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes. Husain's exploration of movement and form made him a leading figure in modern Indian art.

M.F. Husain - Horses | Image: Google

8. Jamini Roy - Three Pujarins

This 1934 tempera painting portrays three simple village women offering prayers, showcasing Roy's signature folk art style and his focus on rural life.

Jamini Roy - Three Pujarins | Image: Google

9. S.H. Raza - Saurashtra

This 1981 acrylic painting is an abstract representation of the Saurashtra region in India, using vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Raza's exploration of color and form made him a pioneer of abstract art in India.

S.H. Raza - Saurashtra | Image: Google

10. Ganesh Pyne - Untitled (Village Scene)

This 1970 oil painting depicts a quiet village scene with figures and animals, characterized by Pyne's muted tones and dreamlike atmosphere. He is known for his evocative landscapes and portrayal of everyday life.

Ganesh Pyne - Untitled (Village Scene) | Image: Google