Top 10 most Popular destinations in the world

Pratidin Bureau

1. France

With over 79.4 million visitors, France remains the most popular tourist destination globally.

France | Image: Google

2. Spain

Home to vibrant cities like Barcelona and Madrid, stunning beaches, and historical landmarks like the Alhambra palace, Spain welcomed over 71.7 million tourists in 2023.

Spain | Image: Google

3. United States

With over 50.9 million visitors, the United States continues to be a popular tourist destination due to its vast size and diverse offerings.

United States | Image: Google

4. Turkey

Over 50.5 million tourists flocked to Turkey in 2023, drawn to its beautiful beaches, rich history, and unique culture.

Turkey | Image: Google

5. Italy

With its iconic landmarks, delicious food, and rich cultural heritage, Italy welcomed over 49.8 million tourists in 2023.

Italy | Image: Google

6. Mexico

Over 38.3 million tourists visited Mexico in 2023, enjoying its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture.

Mexico | Image: Google

7. United Kingdom

With over 30.7 million visitors, the United Kingdom remains a popular tourist destination, offering historical landmarks like Buckingham Palace, world-renowned museums like the British Museum, and stunning natural landscapes like the Scottish Highlands.

United Kingdom | Image: Google

8. Germany

Over 28.5 million tourists visited Germany in 2023, drawn to its historical cities like Berlin and Munich, beautiful castles like Neuschwanstein, and stunning scenery along the Rhine River.

Germany | Image: Google

9. Greece

With over 27.8 million visitors, Greece continues to be a popular tourist destination, offering beautiful beaches, ancient ruins like the Acropolis, and delicious food.

Greece | Image: Google

10. Austria

Over 26.2 million tourists visited Austria in 2023, enjoying its stunning scenery, charming cities like Vienna and Salzburg, and rich cultural heritage.

Austria | Image: Google