Top 5 Best Movies of Chris Hemsworth

Pratidin Bureau

1. Thor: Ragnarok

This comedic reinvention of the Thor franchise injected fresh humor and energy, with Hemsworth showcasing his comedic brilliance alongside Taika Waititi's directing vision.

Thor: Ragnarok | Image: Google

2. Rush

This biographical drama chronicled the intense rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, with Hemsworth delivering a nuanced and intense performance.

Rush | Image: Google

3. Mad Max

This dystopian action epic saw Hemsworth in a supporting role as Max Rockatansky, but his powerful presence and action sequences were unforgettable.

Mad Max: Fury Road | Image: Google

4. Extraction

This action thriller showcased Hemsworth's physical prowess and dramatic chops as a black-market mercenary on a perilous mission.

Extraction | Image: Google

5. Blackhat

This Michael Mann-directed cybercrime thriller featured Hemsworth as a hacker tracking down a digital threat, showcasing his ability to handle complex technological themes.

Blackhat | Image: Google