Top 5 roles of vijay varma

Pratidin Bureau

1. Moeen in Gully Boy (2019)

Though a supporting role, Varma's portrayal of the troubled mentor to Ranveer Singh's character was both nuanced and memorable. He delivered a gritty performance that showcased his ability to portray complex characters.

Gully Boy | Image: Google

2. Sasya in She (2022)

This web series on Netflix presented Varma in a starkly different light. He played a diabolical and obscene character, showcasing his range and ability to embody dark and unsettling personas.

She | Image: Google

3. Shatrughan Tyagi and Bharat Tyagi (Dual Role) in Mirzapur (2020–present)

This gangster drama series sees Varma play twins with contrasting personalities. His ability to seamlessly switch between the two roles demonstrates his exceptional acting skills.

Mirzapur | Image: Google

4. Hamza in Darlings (2022)

This dark comedy film features Varma as a manipulative and abusive husband. His portrayal is both believable and unsettling, highlighting his ability to play unlikable characters with depth.

Darlings | Image: Google

5. Anand in Dahaad (2023)

Vijay Varma, who played the primary antagonist Anand Swarnakar in Dahaad, was someone who is unnerving and cunning in his approach and one wouldn't be able to anticipate his next move.

Dahaad | Image: Google