AN-32 rescuers rescued from the crash site


Good news. The  18 AN 32 rescuers who were trapped for 17 days near the crash site was rescued last evening in a daring expedition brought safely to Dibrugarh air base.

The airdropped team sent to recover bodies near the wreckage site of the AN-32 aircraft on June 12  was stuck there enduring adverse weather condition and tough terrain at an altitude of 12,000 ft as they could not be air lifted and nor they could track back due to bad weather condition and hostile terrain.

The rescue team was surviving amid wild animals, dangerous snakes and insects topped with slippery mountainous path which makes foot march next to impossible.

All of them were safely winched up last afternoon and safely brought home. Amongst them three civilians and two of them, were mountaineers who were sent to recover the bodies and the black boxes of the aircraft.

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