Angry, erosion-hit locals attack Jr. Engineer in Majuli

Erosion has taken a serious turn in Majuli. Thousands of people of river island are spending sleepless nights on the bank of the river. The erosion-hit locals in Majuli’s Bhakat Chapori on Monday attacked a Junior Engineer (JE) of Brahmaputra Board.


The locals attacked the JE, who went to inspect the construction of geo-bag bank revetment works at Garukhuti area in Majuli’s Bhakat Chapori. The locals alleged that the there was rampant corruption in the construction of geo-bag bank revetment. They complained that the geo-bags were dumped Garukhuti area without filling sand inside them. The locals also demanded proper construction of geo-bag bank revetment.

Later, Kamalabari police and Additional DC rescued the officer of the Brahmaputra Board from the public.

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