Another ‘Magnet Man’ Reported From Maharashtra

Another man from Maharashtra seems to have developed magnetic powers after taking second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

46-year old Shantaram Chaudhary hailing from Thane’s Ulhasnagar city has made a video of him to prove his claims. The video shows plates, spoons and coins sticking to his body without any support.

“I took my second dose of vaccine on April 19 but on Friday after watching the news about Nashik man who has claimed to develop magnetic power in his body, I also tried the same by using spoons and small plates and surprised that it started sticking,” he told a national media outlet.

Earlier this week, a man from Nashik, Arvind Sonar, created a furore across the country after he claimed to have developed magnetic powers after taking the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pictures of Sonar went viral on social media with many comparing him with a fictional Hollywood character from the X-Men series – “Magneto”.

Meanwhile, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking arm, PIB Fact Check refuted such claims saying that vaccines cannot cause magnetic reaction in a human body.

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