Another Organ Selling Incident Takes Place In Dibrugarh

After Dharamtol, Dibrugarh and Nagaon, another tea garden has reportedly fallen prey to kidney trading in Dibrugarh.

After Chengelijan, Bagapara, tea garden worker of Jamira tea garden had sold one of his kidneys.

This tea worker, who has been identified as Ramen Kairi, became the prey to a broker gang of illegal human organ selling.

As per sources, the man has sold his kidney in exchange of 3.50 lakh rupees.

Earlier, Assam has reported horrific cases of organ selling.

The busting of this organ selling chain started with a case from Dharamtol of Marigaon which followed by other cases of organ selling from Nagaon and Dibrugarh.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested three in relation with the Dharamtol organ selling case with Plaban Borthakur as the prime accused.

From Nagaon organ selling case, the police have arrested a man named Pranjal Bordoloi in association with the organ trading.

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