App Developed For Online Sale of Liquor In Guwahati

The Government of Assam in an official notification said that it approves purchase and home delivery of liquor in Guwahati. An application has been developed for the sale and purchase of liquor online.

The notification mentions a number of guidelines for online sale, purchase and home delivery of liquor in Guwahati. 

Online sale, purchase and delivery of liquor can be done through an App “developed for this purpose”, said the notification.

“…eligible retailers may register themselves on the App developed for this purpose,” added the official notice.

According to the notification, customers who are ‘eligible’ can purchase up to three litres of liquor at a time. 

However, a delivery agent can carry a maximum of nine litres of alcohol at once.  

“The order shall be executed against prepayment only,” read the notification. 

The notification also added that home delivery of alcohol shall be done between 11:00 AM to 10 PM subject to compliance with lockdown order/restriction issued by competent authorities in this regard from time to time. 

All orders placed online, in normal circumstances, would be completed within two hours of placing the order. 

Both consumer and delivery person have to be above 21 years to avail the benefits of this service, for which necessary documents need to be uploaded in the App to prove eligibility, stated the notifical from the government.

For deliveries within 1 km, the charges will be Rs 50. On the other hand, for delivery locations between 1 km and 2 km, the charges would be Rs 75. 

However, the notification said that online sale of liquor will not be available for hostels of educational institutions, Government/non-Government/semi-Government offices and other public and religious places.

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