Apple cuts iphone prices post launch of new models

With the launch of Apple’s much hyped about 2018 line-up of three iphones- the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, the company is offering a huge discount on the prices of almost all the iPhones in India post the launch of the three new phones by up to a whopping Rs 17,340.

The huge price cut has been seen on iPhone 6S Plus. The 32GB base variant of the iPhone 6S Plus that was previously selling for Rs 52,240 (MRP) will now be available for Rs 34,900 (MRP). The 128GB variant of the iPhone 6S Plus is getting a more or less similar discount and will sell for Rs 44,900 down Rs 16,5500 from its previous price of Rs 61,450.

The iPhone X is also part of the price refresh although the price drop isn’t as substantial as Apple’s other iPhones. The 64GB variant of the iPhone X has received a price cut of Rs 3,490 and will now sell for Rs 91,900 while the 256GB variant of the iPhone X will now sell for Rs 1,06,900 which is a Rs 2,030 discount.

Here’s the complete list of updated prices of Apple’s older iPhones in India:

iPhone 6S (32GB): Rs 29,900

iPhone 6S (128GB): Rs 39,900

iPhone 6S Plus (32GB): Rs 34,900

iPhone 6S (128GB): Rs 44,900

iPhone 7 (32GB): Rs 39,900

iPhone 7 (128GB): Rs 49,900

iPhone 7 Plus (32GB): Rs 49,900

iPhone 7 Plus (128GB): Rs 59,900

iPhone 8 (64GB): Rs 59,900

iPhone 8 (256GB): Rs 74,900

iPhone 8 Plus (64GB): Rs 69,900

iPhone 8 Plus (256GB): Rs 84,900

iPhone X (64GB): Rs 91,900

iPhone X (256GB): Rs 1,06,900

It may be noted that, Apple has discontinued most of these iPhones including the iPhone X and the iPhone 6S after the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR launch in the US. These iPhones have been taken down from Apple’s US website, and even though they are selling in India for now, chances are this may stand true only until stocks last.


iPhoneXR: Rs 76,900 (64GB), Rs 81,900 (128GB), Rs 91,900 (256GB)

iPhoneXS: Rs 99,900 (64GB), Rs 1,14,900 (256GB), Rs 1,34,900 (512GB)

iPhoneXSMax: Rs 1,09,900 (64GB), Rs 1,24,900 (256GB), Rs 1,44,900 (512GB)

The iPhone XR will be available for buying in India from October 26, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available in India from September 28.

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