Apple offers to repair products damaged in Japanese floods without charge

In a show of support towards the victims of Japan floods, Apple has announced that it will fix Apple products damaged in the disaster free of cost.

The company has announced that it would fix any repairable Apple product such as a Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone. However, the offer does not extend to accessories or Beats products.

Apple, expressing sympathy and wishing the nation a speedy reconstruction, announced the offer on its Japanese blog, saying that the concerned customers should call Apple Support by dialing 0120-27753-5 to get their devices picked up for repair.

Apple does not usually cover liquid damage, but has made an exception in this case in order to show their support for Japan. The offer will last till the end of September.

Earlier in July, torrential rains caused flooding and landslides in western and central Japan, resulting in more than 200 deaths.

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