APSC Cash for Job Scam | 20 more officers to go behind the bars

Number of arrests in the APSC cash for job scam in Assam doesn’t seem to stop any sooner as Dibrugarh Police have now rolled up their sleeves and are ready to send 20 more APS/ACS officers behind the bars in connection with the scam.

Already, 35 gazetted officers have been arrested in the case. Dibrugarh police have already completed creating the list of 20 officers to be arrested soon.

All these officers are accused of allegedly paying bribes to main accused of the scam, Rakesh Paul and faking the exams by some way or the other. Forensic reports have revealed use of duplicate answer sheets or other people sitting for the APSC entrance exams under Rakesh Paul’s reign.

A number of influential names from the politics background are also likely to come up in the case. Police will also interrogate Rakesh Paul’s wife Sunanda Paul at her residence in connection with the scam.

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