APSC Ushers Several Reforms to Restore Prestige

Assam Public Services Commission (APSC) has decided to usher in several reforms to make the agency more progressive in nature as well as appealing among the deserving candidates.

In an exclusive interview with Asomiya Pratidin, present Chairman of APSC, Pallav Bhattacharjee (Retd. IPS), spoke about a few positive changes that the body will bring into effect from this year, that is to say, from the APSC CCE 2020 examination.

Talking about the CCE 2020 examination – advertisement for which is out -, he said that the prelims are likely to be conducted within the month of December, adding that a delay in filling such posts affects the Administration adversely.

Responding to a question on how the Chairman plans to restore the lost prestige of the body, Bhattacharjee said that APSC has adopted a host of measures to make the examination process unblemished and transparent.

He said that in order to eliminate all signs of favoritism and nepotism in the personal interview (PI) stage, the board members of each of the boards tasked with the purpose of interviewing candidates will be chosen through lottery. Furthermore, lottery will also be done to decide which candidate will sit before which board. 

The Chairman also informed that from this year’s CCE, the existing procedure to evaluate a candidate based on his past academic record in addition to their performance in the written and PI stages will be done away with. Going forward, he observed, a candidate will be evaluated based on their performance in the written and PI stages only.

He also informed that the papers of the candidates will be evaluated by qualified teachers this time, and that the ones tasked with this purpose will get a higher honorarium.

Ending the long gap between the examination and the final results, Bhattacharjee said that the final list of the qualified candidates will be published the same day the personal interview stage is over.

On being asked whether APSC has made provisions for the third gender/transgenders this year, the Chairman replied in affirmative.

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