Army puts iron spike in elephant pathway, gets flak

The Army has put the iron spike in the elephant pathway to protect its man and machine in the Narengi Cantonment drawing protests from all over the nation forcing a hurried assurance that it would be withdrawn soon.

The elephants from the neighbouring Amsang reserve forest at the outskirts of the city regularly raid the cantonment of the Narengi and this has been a headache for the Indian army.

As the elephants regularly demolish walls to get into the camp in search of sugar, salt and wine, the army put iron spikes in the border.

This has come to the light of the Assam Forest authorities who have repeatedly warned the Indian army to remove it as a number of elephants got serious leg injuries and some of the photos shows blood stain of the elephant leg.

As the images of the spikes and elephants retracing from it with an injured leg hit the social media, it triggered a massive outcry and within a few hours, it went viral.

That alarmed the Defence Ministry and Army Headquarter. It instructed Narengi authorities to remove it as soon as possible.

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