Around 27,000 jobs being lost per 24 hours : Rahul


Interacting with the students in Pune, Gandhi said that the party will give 33% job reservation in government sector if they come into power and also ensured one-third of the Parliament and Vidhan Sabha is guaranteed for women.

When the students asked him about the educated unemployed and underpaid to which Gandhi says that 27,000 jobs are being lost every 24 hours in India because a person’s capability and skill are not given respect and there is no link between the universities and businesses and such a link is required.

Raising the issue of demonetization, Gandhi said that it was a disastrous idea. Millions of jobs were lost due to demonetization and frankly speaking nothing could be done about demonetization now as it has already damaged the system. As far as the job is concerned we are working on a lot of ideas which will improve the job scenario in the country and demonetization is like an injury,” Gandhi added.

Gandhi while asked about the income guaranteed scheme by the students, he replied asking how many jobs have Anil Ambani or Mehul Choksi has given to the country. He also asked how many people have had their loans written off adding that there is plenty of money in the system, the money will come who have dominated the banking system and not given anything back. He also said that the Indian economy is jammed shut and the moment money is put in people’s hands they will start buying and the economy will revive.

Gandhi further stated that the NYAY income guaranteed scheme promise that they have done will also be fulfilled.

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