‘Arranged’ fires up YouTube

Arranged a film by Samujjal Kashyap and released in the Youtube have been a huge hit with 56 thousands hits in just five days opening up a completely a new vista for the young filmmakers who are badly hit by the Pandemic scene.

Marriages may be made in heaven, but some relationships blossom under the most trying circumstances, and yet reflect a deeply endearing quality! Such is the bitter sweet tale of a Middle – aged couple (in their 40s), brought together through the traditional Indian union of an ‘Arranged Marriage’ – during the initial days of the Covid 19 lockdown in India – who end up faltering miserably in their very first attempt towards marital engagement – the act of initiating a conversation!

The film revolves around the bitter sweet encounters that introverted people face and its implications on a newly wedded couple’s life.

The film stars Ranjeev Lal Baruah and Dr. Lima Das in the lead roles, while Harsh Siddhanta and Badal Aryan Sinha appear as supporting characters.

It has been directed by National award winning director Samujjal Kashyap while the cinematography has been done by his long time collaborator and talented DOP Nagen Baishya.

The film has been edited by Gautam Mazumdar, sound design by Rukmajit Baruah, while the music and background score has been provided by popular musician Rupam Bhuyan and Rakesh Baro. The film has been produced by KC Digital Films in association with Harsh Siddhanta – who has also written the film.

The film is available on the KC Digital films YouTube channel. We hope that you watch our film and like it!

Pummy Sinha a viewer wrote , ”  This is acting….I think Assamese industry needs these kind of stories and actors….rather than Rotnakors.. this is a level I can say that’ .

Another viwer  Dee Y wrote. ” Ahh, how do I put this into words exactly? I came here to watch this movie for Lima Das and I fell in love with the whole story. It’s completely sweet, light, and soothing. Both Lima Das and Ranjeev Lal Barua delivered such an effortless light performance. That scene when Jayantra said “can you imagine those two people being married to each other?” my heart just went for him. And Lima Das as Jurima perfectly potrayed the kind of easy and adorable woman. I relate to Jayantra honestly, I mean who wouldn’t fall for her? When the movie ended I was like “Ohhhh noooo you cant!!!!” I wanna listen to more of their conversation together”

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