Arunachal killings: MLA’s PSO detained


The news of Tirong Aboh a NPP candidate and sitting MLA Khonsa (West) in Arunachal Pradesh being killed in an ambush along with 10 others including his son and personal security officer has created sensation across the nation.

It may be noted that NSCN has claimed responsibility of the incident.

At present, the Army has launched an operation against the militants in the entire area. Taking the help of a helicopter, security forces are working on finding the attackers amid the dense suspicious areas of the forest.

Pertaining to the incident, a woman along with two others have been detained jointly by the police and the army. One of the PSOs of the MLA has also been detained by the police in suspicion of being involved in the incident.

With the vehicles, destroyed and set ablaze, still at the spot of the attack, the incident had occurred 20 kms away from Khonsa district when the MLA along with his family and others were travelling from Dibrugarh to his constituency.

According to reports, a group of NSCN militants were already waiting for an in the isolated area for the four vehicles to arrive. As the vehicles reached, the MLA along with the other people including his family members and personal security personnel were attacked with heavy shower of bullets.

Those who were killed have been identified as:

  1. Tirong Aboh
  2. Wangnoi Hakhun
  3. Jolin Hakhun
  4. Longgem Aboh, Tirong Aboh’s son
  5. Genwang Hakhun
  6. Matlam Aboh
  7. Pangru
  8. Ponhang Aagi
  9. B Shiksha, Tirong Aboh’s PSO

However, the identity of two persons who have been in this incident is yet unknown.

Two others have been critically injured and they are:

  1. Wangsan Hakhun
  2. Wangdon Hakhun

The mortal remains of those killed have been brought to Khonsa.

Notably, it was the third attack on the MLA, who had somehow escaped the previous two attacks. Two of Aboh’s associates were killed in the earlier attacks.

The attack coming on ‘Anti-Terrorism day’ has triggered concerns all around. However, what is significantly disturbing is despite the area listed within the AFSPA zone, militants were successful in accomplishing such a terrible act and also getting away with. Such an incident has raised bars of concern in the entire north-eastern region.

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