Arunachal plans major road near Myanmar border


The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, on Friday announced that a 156 KM major road will connect Vijaynagar, the remotest circle of Changlang district, with Miao soon.

Addressing a meeting during the launch of his two-month-long Arunachal Rising campaign, Khandu said, “Vijaynagar has huge tourism potential owing to its scenic beauty. A lot of horticulture and agriculture activities can take place here.”

“These potentials have, however, been hampered by lack of proper surface and air communication,” the CM added.

Spread across 8,000 square kilometres, Vijaynagar is unique for many reasons. It was discovered by the Assam Rifles during Srijit II, an expedition, in 1961 under Maj. Gen. AS Guraya, inspector-general of the Assam Rifles. It takes around 10 days to reach the desolated and isolated region of Vijaynagar, which is surrounded by Myanmar on three sides and by a vast and thick forest of Namdapha National Park on the other side, on foot through dense forests. Vijaynagar is nestled in the Himalayas along the India-Myanmar border.

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