Assam buffaloes to save Chhattisgarh’s


The Chhattisgarh  government  has sought the help of Assam’s wild buffaloes to raise their own stock as it does not have female buffaloes left and  because of which it is facing extinction in the state.

Assam has 3500 wild buffaloes and 2-3 female buffaloes will be translocated so that Chattigarh’s wild buffaloes can be saved from extinction.

Earlier there was only one female wild buffalo with 12 other male buffalo in the Udantika forest of Chattisgarh. The buffalos were found in the Indiravati Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra .

The whole exercise was conducted  through the Wild Life Trust of India, who monitor health and population of animals across India and try to inter translocation so that a healthy population remain all over India.

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