ASDC Members Meet Raijor Dal


ASDC President Chandra Kanta Terang accompanied by General Secretary Jotson Bey, Secretary Sanjoy Killing and ASDC Central Committee Member Sunil Tokbi met the recently constituted ‘Raijor Dal’ People’s Party Chief Convenor Bhasco De Saikia, General Secretary Mukut Saikia and Chief Convenor Hussei Md. Shahjahan Krishak, at Raijor Dal Office, Guwahati on October 8.

Various issues faced by the Hills people along with the problems of indigenous people of Assam were discussed in the meeting.

During the meeting, both the sides agreed to cooperate on certain programmes including fighting unitedly against the onslaught of National political parties in Assam, preparing common agendas immediately, fighting together on various democratic issues in Assam and formation of Autonomous State for Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao district under Article 244(A) of the Indian Constitution.

It was also informed that members of both the organisations will participate in the coming organisational programmes of ASDC and Raijor Dal.

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