Assam: 2 River Dolphins Found Dead In Boko

Assam is running at a free pace to destroy forest resources every day. On Thursday, two dead river dolphins were found in Samaria.

In Boko area of Kamrup district, forest department seizes valuable smuggled trees, sand carrying cars and tree cutting machines.

It may be recalled that the horror of illegal sand mining at The Samaria Satra in Boko, an area of the Western Kamrup Forest Division Authority office, is well known.

This led to the recovery of two dead shihus (RIVER DOLPHIN) at a time on Thursday in the Shalmara Maraklahi river in Samaria.

The local people were learnt to have first hand-in-place dispersal of River Dolphin swaying in the chest of the river in the morning. The two dead river dolphins were recovered from the river by the local people.

People complain that illegal sand mining is going on day and night in Shalmar from Samria. Two river dolphins are claimed to have died due to this illegal sand mining.

Earlier, the Gauhati High Court had notified the Bala Mining site to close as Markalahi river was declared River Dolphin pasture land.

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