Assam All Set for Mega Vaccination Drive on September 17

Assam is all set for a mega vaccination drive to be held on September 17 to further intensify the vaccination of COVID-19 in the state. The government has set the target to vaccinate 40,000 people. Immunisation centres have already been set up for the drive by the District Health Department in coordination with the district administration.

In order to achieve the target of 8 lakh (2 Lakhs first dose and 6 lakhs second dose) vaccination in a day on 17th September, 2021, the following steps are to be taken immediately by DHS FW, NHM, All District Administrations, ADC Vaccination, Jt. DHS of all districts, District Immunization Officers, Block Medical Officers & Vaccination teams.

1. Setting up of minimum 4000 CVCs across state, district wise, each with a daily target of 200 vaccinations.

2. All CVCs which were made functional on 21st – 23rd June, 2021 will be invariably made active for vaccination on 17th Sept. 2021.

3. All those people who got first dose of Covishield on 21st-23rd June, shall be informed and asked specifically to take their 2nd dose on 17th Sep itself at the same place where they took their first dose, as much as practically possible. (District wise minimum target as per Annexure I)

4. DHS FW shall plan in advance & ensure availability of vaccines, syringes, Gauze etc to match the requirement of 10 lakh vaccination, considering contingency and enhanced requirement as buffer in regional stores, as per district wise target and deliver up to each district level by 15th Sept itself.

5. Districts shall notify 4000 CVCs (as per June CVC list) by 13th Sep so that concerned ASHA/ ANM can mobilise potential beneficiaries to come on 17th Sept.

6. Sufficient man power to give taken to beneficiary, crowd control, verification of beneficiary, COWIN portal entry, vaccination of supervision for AEFI shall 2 be notified in advance by 14th Sept itself so that all CVCs (400 plus) have dedicated HR for that day without fail.

7. Sufficient IEC at local level through making, home to home visit NGO/ Health workers shall be under taken village wise on 14th, 15th& 16th Sept, so that all 9 lakh 2nd dose eligible beneficiaries are fully aware & motivated to attend vaccination.

8. This drive for 2nd dose, does not limit 1st dose vaccination. It might be prudent to expect that, as we have approx. 70 lakh persons yet to get first dose, about 2-3 lakh first dose beneficiaries may also turn up for vaccination and therefore sufficient vaccination provide first dose should also be kept ready.

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