Assam Assembly Election Results 2021 | Live Updates

  • 10.30 PM: BJP-led coalition government is ahead in 60 seats, while Congress in 32 seats, AIUDF in 13 seats, AGP in 9 seats, UPPL in 6 seats, BPF in 4 seats, Raijor Dal, and left in one seat each.
  • 07.45 PM: As of 7.45 PM, BJP is still on the lead in 60 seats, while Congress is leading in 29 seats. Neck-to-neck fight is being witnessed in Bodoland with UPPL leading in 6 seats and BPF in 4 seats. Congress ally AIUDF on the other hand is leading in 16 seats. Further, Raijor Dal and Left are leading in 1 seat each.
  • 05.40 PM: Latest trend shows BJP is still on a comfortable lead in 60 seats, while the Congress is leading in 26 seats. AIUDF, which is in alliance with Congress, is currently leading in 17 seats, while AGP in 9 seats. BPF and UPPL are having a close fight with the former leading in 5 seats and the latter in 6 seats. AJP and Raijor Dal are leading in 1 seat each.
  • 04.00 PM: As of 4 PM, the ruling BJP is leading in 59 seats, AGP in 10 seats, Congress in 27 seats, AIUDF in 17 seats, BPF in in 2 seats, UPPL in 8 seats, Raijor Dal in 1 seat ands others in 2 seats.
  • 03.00 PM: The latest trend shows that the BJP is leading in 60 seats, while, Congress in 26. The rest of the parties leads have been static so far.
  • 02.10 PM: As of 2 PM in Assam BJP is leading in 57 seats, Congress in 29 seats, AGP in 13 seats, AIUDF in 13 seats, UPPL in 08 seats, BPF, AJP, Raijor Dal, Left parties are all leading in 1 seat and other parties and independent candidates in 02 seats.
  • 01.00 PM: As per the early trend, the BJP lead NDA coalition in Assam has already crossed the majority mark with a lead in 78 seats.
  • 12:01 PM: NDA is leading by 74 votes, while Congress-led Mahajut is struggling to keep up with 47 votes, and others are placed in 03 seats.
  • 12 Noon: As per latest trends, at 12 noon, BJP is leading in 56 seats, followed by Congress in 35 seats, AGP in 11 seats, AIUDF in 09 seats, UPPL in 07 seats, BPF in 03 seats, Raijor Dal in 01 seat, Left parties in 01 seat, and others in 01 seat. AJP is yet to lead in any constituency.
  • 11:00 AM:As of 11:00 AM, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is leading in 78 seats while Congress is leading in 41 seats, as per the latest trends.
  • 9.30 AM: As of 9:30 AM, BJP is leading in 44 seats while Congress in 19 seats and others in four. CM Sarbananda Sonowal is leading in Majuli. BJP pointsman Himanta Biswa Sarma is on the lead as well in his constituency Jalukbari.
  • 09.15 AM: As per latest trends, the BJP-led NDA coalition is leading in 13 seats, while the Congress-led alliance is leading in seven seats, as of 8:28 AM. Raijor Dal on the other hand is leading in one seat.
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