Assam: Auction Held For Old Items Of MLA Hostels

Items like Steel Almirahs, Wooden Crockery cabinets, chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses, etc. Machinery like fans, ACs, Geysers, Refrigerators, etc. was also on auction.

In a notification bearing no. LAH.50/2020/732, the Estate Officer of Assam Legislative Assembly informed about an open auction for the disposal of old and damaged assets of the Old and New MLA Hostel of the Assam Legislative Assembly.

The notification dated November 9, 2021, intimated all individuals, parties, and firms about the auction to be held on Saturday, November 13. A number of items are on auction and interested people have been asked to place their bids in accordance with certain terms and conditions mentioned in the notification.

The Conditions are:

  • One person/firm cannot participate in the auction process if he or she successfully takes part in the process for two items.
  • The purchased items should be collected on the same day that is before 5 pm on 13/11/2021.
  • The Auction Committee does not hold any liability in case of loss of any item after the purchase.
  • The interested parties may inspect the articles during office hours in the OId MLA Hostel campus.
  • In case of any doubt on the terms and conditions, the decision of Auction Committee is final and binding.

Items like Steel Almirahs, Wooden Crockery cabinets, chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses, etc., along with fans, ACs, Geysers, Refrigerators, etc. were on offer. The base prices of the items were given in the notification. The highest-priced item was ACs being sold at ₹2100 per piece and the lowest priced item was Geysers at ₹50 per piece. Dining tables were ₹500 per piece; Dressing tables were ₹850 per piece. Fans were being priced at ₹150 per piece. Single and double beds were ₹550 and ₹850 per piece respectively.

Meanwhile, a broker with malicious intentions was reportedly caught trying to buy items for prices much higher than the mentioned base prices.

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