Assam: Baby Elephant Dies After Struggling To Get Out Of Ditch

Extreme negligence from the Forest Department ended taking life of a baby elephant who fell himself into a muddy ditch on Saturday night in Udalguri of Assam on Sunday.

According to sources, on Saturday night, a baby elephant had unfortunately fell himself into a muddy ditch in Barangajuli tea garden of Udalguri. Since last night, the baby elephant has been trying to get out but the efforts went in vain.

It is only in the morning of Sunday when locals of Barangajuli saw the baby elephant fighting for life from the muddy ditch.

The people of Barangajuli tried their level best to get the baby elephant out of the ditch, but were unsuccessful in doing so. It needs to be mentioned that the locals have also reported about the incident to the forest department so that they can come and rescue the baby elephant but the authorities do not pay a heed on the issue.

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Baby Wild Elephant Trapped In A Muddy Ditch In Udalguri

However, the locals of Barangajuli did succeed in getting the baby elephant out of the ditch but the innocent animal lost his battle of life by then.

The local people have alleged that the reason for the baby elephant’s death is the negligence from Forest Minster Parimal Suklabaidya and his forest department authorities who after repeated calling did not manage to come for rescuing the baby elephant. They have alleged that the forest department authorities got there hours and hours later when the innocent wild baby elephant already died.

Locals of Barangajuli Trying To Rescue

It needs to be mentioned that Barangajuli area of Udalguri was once home to many wild elephants but due to the increase in illegal encroachment, the conflict between man and elephant have become spontaneous. This illegal settlement of people and negligence from the Forest department as well as government, the wild life of the area had no place to live in.

This deeply saddening incident that took place in Barangajuli is an example of how these wild lives had to roam about here and there for not having enough space to live in freely or find food, and at last lose their lives.

People have slammed Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya for extreme negligence from the Forest Department.

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