Assam BJP to file case against Hajela


Assam BJP will move to the apex court against NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela. The reason behind the sudden anger of the BJP could be attributed to Mr Hajela’s suggestion of reduced number of documents for verification. Mr Hajela suggested 10 documents instead of the accepted 15 documents while preparing the Standard Operating procedure(SOP)of the revision of the 40 lakh names excluded in the ongoing NRC process.

This is noteworthy that Hajela had filed the report in compliance with the court’s 28 August order and stated that the 10 documents of List-A could be relied upon or introduced afresh by any claimant for his or her claim for inclusion in the NRC, subject to their authenticity as per the certification by the relevant issuing authority.

This afternoon, the BJP state president Ranjit Kumar Das had addressed press conference and vented anger against Mr Hajela and announce that they would file the case on September 19. This is considered a very serious move as similar outbursts were also recorded by AIUDF and Congress as well as AAMSU. All of them are filing separate cases against Mr Hajela.

The common anger was that Mr Hajela had unilaterally decided to reduce the document list. “It is like a football match was going on and during the half time the referee decided to reduce the area of the goal post’ said Mr Das while addressing the press conference here today. This is noteworthy that Mr Das returned from New Delhi attending the two day central executive meeting where he had discussed  the matter with the central leadership and got the go ahead to file the case against Mr Hajela.

Before the claims-and-objections round of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Assam BJP Ranjit Kumar Das reacted sharply to NRC state coordinator Prateek Hajela’s report to the Supreme Court. In which Hajela suggested SC that those now seeking inclusion into the NRC list be allowed to submit only 10 out of the original 15 “list A” documents.

In a press conference on Monday, BJP President Ranjit Kumar Das said that who is Prateek Hajela to suggest Supreme Court for curtailing the number of documents required to prove indigenous identity for the claims and objections process.

Mr Das said – “Assam will get NRC as per Assam accord. 

After Assam accord, infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi has been continuing.

NRC process had been terminated during the regime of Congress.

Not a single name of illegal Bangladeshi will be enlisted in NRC.

Hajela kept Assamese people in darkness.

Prateek Hajela is going against law.

Who will give him the rights ?

This exclusion of five documents is illegal and contradictory to citizenship laws and rules of updating of NRC. Several genuine Indian citizens will be left out of the NRC if the five documents are excluded in the claims round – he added.

It may be mentioned the next hearing in the case in the Supreme Court is on September 19 and the date for start of the receipt of claims and objections has been deferred.

Assam BJP to move apex court against Hajela on September 19.

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