Assam BJP MLA vows to take ‘legal action’ against NEEPCO for Golaghat flood fury


Assam BJP MLA from Khumtai constituency in Golaghat district, Mrinal Saikia on Thursday vowed to take legal action against NEEPCO (North East Electric Power Corporation) for the current flood fury in the district.

Blaming NEEPCO for the current flood situation in the district, Saikia alleged that the hydro power producer corporation had released ‘excess waters’ from its dam under the Doyang hydro electric project without notifying the Golaghat district administration in advance. The Doyang hydro electric project of NEEPCO is located in hilly region of bordering Nagaland state.

“NEEPCO had released excess waters from dam of its Doyang project and informed Golaghat district administration one hour in advance. Can it be possible for the administration to take full measures to meet flood situation? NEEPCO is fully responsible for present flood fury in Golaghat district. I will file a writ petition at Gauhati High Court against NEEPCO. The enterprise should compensate flood affected villagers in Golaghat district “, said Saikia.

NEEPCO faced criticism in every monsoon period from villagers of Assam as the power corporation compelled to release excess water from dams of its different hydro electric projects located in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and in located in hilly region of Karbi Anglong – Meghalaya border. The result is water level of these rivers in downstream Assam has flown over danger level and surging waters inundates vast plain areas of bordering districts of Assam.

During monsoon, all dams of hydro power projects flow over high level. NEEPCO has to release excess waters from its dams otherwise dams will collapse, which would cause devastation in downstream areas. But the hydro power producer should inform concerned district located in downstream areas about release of dams’ excess waters.

In Northern Assam, for flood fury, villagers blamed NEEPCO’s Ranganai hydro power project and in Nagaon and Morigaon district, villagers blamed the power corporation’s Kopili hydro power project.

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