Assam Boards Announce Evaluation Formulas For Class 10 & 12, Spcl Exam To Be Conducted By Sept 15

The Assam Government has released the evaluation process for Classes 10 and 12 on Thursday. However, the education minister of Assam Ranoj Pegu also said that for students who want to improve their scores, an optional special examination will be tentatively held by September 15, once the Covid-19 situation improves.

Otherwise, the optional exam will be held later this year or next year, he said.

The two high-level committees constituted for the evaluation process have released the formulas.

SEBA said Class 10 results will be calculated with a 40:40:20 formula where 40 per cent marks will come from Class 9 annual exam and the other 40 per cent marks will be from Class 10 exams. The remaining 20 per cent marks will be awarded to students by schools. Factors like attendance, internal assessment, etc will be taken into consideration for awarding the 20 per cent marks, the SEBA said.

Schools will have to keep in view their results of the past three years while awarding the 20 per cent marks. The variation should be within 10 per cent, it said.

Education Minister Ranoj Pegu while declaring the evaluation formula said for schools that don’t have students’ records of Class 10 exams, 70 percent marks will be awarded from Class 9 and the remaining 30 percent will be up to schools. The formula will be the same for repeaters.

However, for differently-abled students who did not take any exams, it will be up to schools to award them marks.

Meanwhile, the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council has devised two separate formulas for Class 12.

For subjects that have a practical component, 50 per cent marks will come from average marks in the best three subjects of the HSLC exam. Thirty per cent marks will be from practicals and 10 per cent marks will be awarded by schools based on different activities conducted during Class 11 and 12. This adds up to 90 per cent, the council said.

The remaining 10 per cent marks will be based on the 90 per cent. For example, if a student scores 90 marks based on the above formula, he will be awarded 10 marks and so on.

For subjects without practicals, 50 per cent marks will be from the average of best of three subjects of HSLC and 40 per cent will be from internal assessments and other activities during Class 11 and 12. The remaining 10 per cent will be based on this 90 per cent, the AHSEC said.

For vocational subjects, the formula will be 50:40:10, where the 40 per cent marks will be from practicals and the other two components will be the same.

There will be no rank list for top ten students and the highest marks in each subject will not be announced.

Two committees will be formed to devise evaluation criteria and results will be declared by July 31, Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said on June 18.

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