Assam Bus fare hike hurts labourers the most


Assam Bus owner association decided to hike the bus fares from Wednesday morning except Guwahati city.

People alleged that the increase in the bus fare will largely affect the common people, it is a clear indication that the government is unable to tackle the financial crisis and it shows its inefficiency.

28-year-old Abdul Ali – a labourer working at a factory in Biswanath Chariali – unable to take a bus from his home Gohpur to work place Biswanath Chariali. Nor did 35-year-old Brijmohan Tiwari, a security guard who lives in Jamuguri.

It was the first day of the bus fare hike, in which the ticket prices went up by 50% higher than conventional fares.

“I leave home at 7.30 am and take a bus from Gohpur to Biswanath Chariali, and then an autorickshaw from there to the factory. It takes me 2 hours. Now, I have to take a rent house here in spite of my family and old-mother live at Gohpur. I can’t afford a bus daily anymore,” said Abdul, who earns Rs 8,000 a month. “Before today, previously the ticket cost was Rs 50; and now it is priced at Rs 101” according to the list.

For Vicky, a 22-year-old resident of Ketekibari, who polishes furniture, work takes him across the Sonitpur district, and the bus is the obvious choice. “But now I hope I don’t have to travel far from home. Earlier I would spend Rs 110 from Tezpur to Gohpur, but now it’s Rs 180. I earn Rs 12,000 every month,” he said.

Following the big controversy over bus fare hiking on the first day, the representatives of bus owner associations have decided to continue the earlier tariff till October 10. 

As per sources, now the bus owner association has decided to hike the bus fares by 30 percent with effect from October 10.

However many nefarious drivers and conductors have been collecting unusual bus fares from passengers – passengers alleged.  


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