Assam Celebrates Bihu Amidst COVID-19 Scare


Amidst coronavirus scare, the people of Assam gears up to celebrate Rongali Bihu by maintaining social distance and by staying at home as the entire country is in a lockdown to fight against COVID-19.

Things aren’t the same as the previous years where people celebrate the Bohag Bihu with much enthusiasm and fervor. Today is the first day of Bohag Bihu which is called as ‘Goru Bihu’. People in villages were seen that the cows are being taken to the rivers and ponds to have a bath with turmeric and black lentils which is a traditional way to mark the beginning of the Bihu.

As the situation intensified, the entire nation was shutdown. Even as talk has been rife all through Saturday that the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown is likely to continue for two more weeks, the Bihu celebrations have fallen victim to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The Bihu celebrations in the state will remain restricted to rituals only in view of the coronavirus fear.

Almost all the Bihu committees have cancelled the Bihu programmes as per the instruction of the state government to avoid the crowd. This is the first in the history that the Bihu spirit has been dampened due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although the state is in a lockdown, people are celebrating the Bihu in whatever way they can by staying in the house. The villagers have taken the cows in the rivers to have a bath and women are seen making traditional laddoos and pithas. Earlier, people greet the elders, friends, young ones with Bihuwan by giving Gamosas but this all went in vain this time due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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