Assam celebrates World Environment Day


Assam today joined rest of the world in celebrating the World Environment Day with a day long program both in the official and non official sector that includes cycle rallies, plantation program , awareness programs and facilitating the green heroes.

The toast of the day is obviously a man made forest near Udalguri in North bank of Assam where villagers of 6 villagers  at the behest of a cooperative farm covered a vast tract of barren land since 2007 into a thick forest bringing back not only the nature and wildlife but also foreign tourists.

According to the Adviser of the Committee, Ismail Daimary, the whole are is  spread over 5000 acres and names Gethemense, a mythological creature in Bible.  The forest has around 15 lakh of plants and it has become an attraction of tourist now.

Meanwhile reports of plantation has come in from all parts of the state as hundreds of colleges, educational institutes, NGOs have done such work all over the state.

In neighbouring, ‘One Citizen One Tree’, the campaign was launched with a target of 1.5  million trees to be planted in the course of a day which would be a world record.

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