Assam Congress Attacks BJP With 24 Questions

Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President Ripun Bora on Thursday posed 24 questions to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state.

Addressing the media at Rajiv Bhawan, some of the questions that Bora asked included, “By stopping the Northeast Industrial and Investment Policy, were you able to bring any new industries to Assam?”

On issues related to the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, Bora accused the government stating the act has been imposed on the people of the state and said, the government has “murdered the spirit of the Assam Accord”.

He then asked, “Since 1969, we were allocated funds from the central government in a ratio of 90:10. Ever since your governance, we have been losing out on at least 6000 to 9000 crores of rupees. Don’t you think you have been cheating the people of the state?”

In connection to the issue of illegal migrants, Bora questioned how many Bangladeshis have left Assam till today?

Recently, during a visit to the state, BJP national president JP Nadda said, the government has granted ST status to six communities. In response Bora questioned “It is very unfortunate that the BJP president would make such an uninformed comment. I can tell you that a bill to grant ST status to the six communities has not even been tabled in the Parliament and has thus not received the President’s nod. Without passing a bill to the effect, how can BJP government grant them ST status?”

He again retaliated today, “You were supposed to grant ST status to six indigenous communities within a span of six months. What happened to that promise?”

The Congress state president also asked the reasons for stopping the Backward Regions Grant Fund.

Bora also questioned the status of transforming Guwahati into a smart city.

He also alleged that everything that Congress had built in the state, has been sold and privatised.

“In the name of Jaati, Maati, Bheti, BJP has sold 27 oilfields to private companies, LGBI airport, and railway station were also privatised. What have they done by themselves?”

“Moreover, the paper mills have been shut down? Why do you want to sell it?”, Bora said, adding, “Where are the express highways along the Brahmaputra?”.

Among several other questions, Bora asked the purpose of the state government borrowing nearly 80,000 crore rupees.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present in Sivasagar on January 23 and address the public as part of the Vijay Sankalp campaign led by the BJP for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

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