Assam Congress Urges EC Video Footage From EVM Rooms


Assam Congress president Ripun Bora on Wednesday urged the Election Commission to release the CCTV feed from strong rooms where EVMs are kept across the state to be made available to the candidates to make it more transparent.

“After the second phase of the assembly polls, when many issues relating to EVMs had surfaced, the EC had assured us that no such incident would happen in the third phase. But we are getting reports of people detecting EVMs being transported in private vehicles even during the third phase of polls yesterday.We thought EC would learn from its mistakes, but we were wrong. It proves that EC functions as per the instructions of the BJP. It is not neutral,” Bora was quoted saying in a PTI report.

“The poll body should clarify under what circumstances the EVMs were being transported by election officials without security personnel at several places while voting was underway”, Bora said.

Bora also alleged that the Election Commission refuses to take action on the complaints filed by Congress and other opposition parties against the BJP and accused the EC of functioning as per instructions of the BJP.

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