‘Assam Corona is organised loot’

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#Chaos, confusion mar Corona fight in Assam

#Himanta blamed for chaos

#Doctors angry over Himanta

#Pandemic is now organized loot

Chaos, confusion and organised loot have completely marred the Corona Management in Assam as Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma remain the stumbling block for professional COVID management in Assam, a fact most of the serving doctors of the Assam Government privately admit.

When rest of India has long focused on the severely affected COVID patients as per the ICMR guidelines, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma arrogantly defying ICMR guidelines reducing the collective wisdom of the serving doctors of the Government and plunging Assam into a grave crisis.

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As a result, the health infra has been stretched beyond the limit and throughout the state, the COVID management has been turned into a whirlpool of event management and organised loot, where doctors have reduced themselves to “NCC camp organizer”.

Barring the ICUs, almost all the wards and covid centres of Assam have been turned into NCC camps, where adult persons have been kept against their will, like the undisciplined NCC cadet.

In most of them the so-called patients are either killing boredom with video games, video calling or forwarding messages as there is no treatment needed, said a Doctor in a COVID Centre, taking time out from arranging breakfast for patients.

“Who will tell our Minister. I am happy to rot here than get a punishment transfer” he added.

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“Forget outside, I have been saying in the AMC ICU for past four days but not a single medicine I have been given” said Mr Aditya Goswami from Duliajan, who was found positive and transferred to the AMC ICU as he has diabetes.

The doctors in private are openly blaming Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma for the chaos. “He is solely responsible as he is taking every decision and the entire medical fraternity are made to implement his arbitrary decisions which is not based on science. Now he is teaching us the difference between Antigen and Antibody” said a doctor.

As a result majority of the non covid patients are perishing as there has been no medical treatment for them anywhere in Assam. “The Influenza, diarrohea and all other diseases have vanished. But kidney and Caner patients are going to die” said Dr Aditya Langthasa, a politician cum doctor.

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“It should have been simple management. As the numbers of Covid positive soared, keep the asymptomatic and mild symptomatic home and treat the medium and serious ones. But who will tell our Mohd Bin Tughlak? He is an autocrat person” said a senior doctor.

“In every ward, we are sharing a toilet with 15 other patients, many do not even know how to use the western toilet, but we are not allowed to go home because we have one toilet at home. If people of Delhi and Bengaluru can be treated at home having one toilet at home, we can also do that. Why this arrogance? Assam Government has completely lost the COVID battle and just see what is going to happen till the so-called  vaccine arrive on the scene” said another patient.

“This is now an open secret that the number has been sought to be increased as a cliché of contractors are in league with the NHM officials at the behest of the Health Minister to turn the Corona pandemic into an organized loot of unimaginable scale,” said the APW Chief Abhijit Sharma. He also reeled half a dozen names, all are the controversial supplier of NHM.

Now Guwahati is trying to open nervously as authorities are changing the rules by the hour and the latest one came little ahead of midnight relaxing the COVID testing rule for the shopkeepers.

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