Assam could go into lockdown if required: Minister Patowary

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Assam Cabinet Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary on Saturday said the government has not decided to lockdown the state but it may do so in future if required.

We are not doing a lockdown currently but we might in future, if necessary, for your betterment and safety, said Patowary. He also said that the government has already banned all the gatherings in the state.

Though no coronavirus case has yet been detected in Assam, the State government has been taking all possible precautionary measures and the Cabinet Minister today asserted that there is no need to panic at this moment. He also said that there is no shortage of essential commodities.

However, hospitals could be overwhelmed with patients and run out of ICUs if the deadly COVID-19 pushes the state healthcare system to its limits.

The situation is reviewed every day in all levels of administration and there is no shortage of any medicine, he added.

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