Assam finally allows Home Isolation


# Assam finally allows HQ for asymptomatic

# Majority patients will go home today

# Great relief for health facilities and workers

# New SOP with some cosmetic riders

Home treatment of asymptomatic Covid patient is finally allowed in Assam with some cosmetic rider after weeks of arrogance shown by Assam Government defying ICMR guidelines causing immense hardship both to the patients as well as health care workers.

Assam has 98% asymptomatic case and out of the present active case of 5600, nearly 5300 cases are asymptomatic. But they have been forcefully kept in various Covid centers and hospitals across the state causing immense logistical nightmare.

For last fortnight, Guwahati continue to open new hospital and covid centre as the positive patient swells.

Assam Government was roundly criticized for not following the pre existent ICMR guideline as it had stretched the health care facilities as well as health workers. Finally on Saturday government caved in and issued a new SOP allowing the patients to avail home isolation on following condition.

  1. No 60 plus people living in the same house
  2. No complaint from the neighbourhood
  3. Access to private doctor
  4. 24 x 7 caregiver
  5. Self-transfer facility to GMCH in case of emergency
  6. An oximeter( to cost Rs 1500)
  7. Separate toilet
  8. The home shall be containment zone for 14 days
  9. Give a written undertaking (form to be downloaded from NHM website)

This will severely change the  hospital scenario in the next couple of days at least in Guwahati as majority of the asymptomatic patients can fulfill the following guidelines very easily. This will also help the health authorities to reduce the burden and concentrate on the symptomatic patients.

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